Helping Ambitious Women 
Build Confidence to Achieve Next-Level Goals

One-on-one and group coaching to help you beat self-doubt and gain confidence to fuel your success.

Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone Can Feel Daunting
Even the most successful women sometimes struggle with doubts and limiting beliefs at work and in life, especially as they take on bigger challenges and opportunities.
Do you feel frustrated or exhausted by your overactive inner critic?
Are you holding back, staying safe on the sidelines or putting off bigger goals and dreams because you're afraid you still don't know enough or aren't ready yet?
Are you ready to let go of limits, take action and get on a solid path to achieve your 
next-level goals?

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."

- Suzy Kassem

Hi, I'm Heather Pownall

I know how overwhelming and exhausting it can be to have big ambitions while also wrestling self-doubt -- especially when taking on new challenges and goals. 

You want to show up courageously, share and present your ideas confidently in any situation, advocate for yourself and others, and keep growing into the next version of yourself as a person and leader.

But as you strive for next-level goals, the second-guessing creeps in and slows you down. Am I ready to take on more? Do I know enough yet? What if I try this and fail and ruin my whole career or reputation?

As frustrating as these nagging doubts can be, you're not alone and there's a path from where you are now to a more solid foundation of authentic confidence,  and I can show you the way.

As a certified professional coach, I help women like you navigate the choppy waters of self-doubt and overcome fears and limiting beliefs to achieve next-level goals. I'd love to help you, too.

You can read about my professional experience and why I started The Confidence Labs on the About page.
In March 2020, I delivered the closing keynote address on courageous leadership to a few hundred women at my city's annual women's conference. 
"Heather shines a light on the best parts of you. As you gain confidence, you're reminded that you can do hard things. Heather leads you through a self-realization process and helps you feel free to discover what you really want in your career. And she encourages you to push through any roadblocks and fears that are standing in the way of progress."
Rory Gillis
Media and Technology
Chief Operating Officer & Partner
"Heather's coaching on impostor syndrome pushed me to reflect and see where I was holding myself back. She is well versed in empowering others to succeed by building confidence. Her guidance taught me to reach even higher, and to believe in myself and my ability to accomplish my big dreams."
Corinne Alford
B2B Business Development Specialist
"Heather is one of the most authentic, thoughtful and brilliant coaches that I have met and worked with. She has a unique and impactful way in leading clients through their work and in my case we used visual imagery, story telling and analogies to shift my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I have so much more that I want to achieve and plan to have Heather coach me through my continued growth and development."
Sholeh Dadressan
Pharma Early Talent Lead - Europe, North & South America

3 Ways to Get Started or Continue in Your Journey

Getting Started with Confidence

Attend my next 1-hour workshop.
New dates coming soon!

Next-Level Confidence Camp

Be part of a powerful group coaching experience over 4 weeks starting October 29, 2020.

1:1 Coaching

Get personalized insights, planning, support and accountability.

Scroll down for more details and then pick a time on my calendar so we can chat about all the details and make sure it's a good fit!
Individual coaching is a powerful partnership designed to achieve positive transformation and lasting changes. 

If you're interested in the possibility of working together, contact me so you'll be the first to know when my schedule opens up.
Join My Next-Level Confidence Camp
Next-Level Confidence Camp is my 4-week virtual group coaching program to help women beat self-doubt and build confidence as you shift into action toward your next-level goals. 

We'll meet live once a week and you'll do work in between group coaching sessions.

We'll replace all of that second-guessing with more empowered perspectives and habits. You'll build confidence, and get powerful accountability and support as you stretch past your old limits.

Over four weeks, you will:

  • Gain clarity about what you really want next in your life and work
  • ​Identify what's currently slowing you down or holding you back
  • ​Stop feeling stuck in between where you are and where you want to be
  • ​Start building confidence through decisions, action and the support of other women on the same journey
  • ​Establish a new relationship with doubt, fear, feedback and failure
  • ​Make progress toward your goals faster and with less struggle
  • ​Create a personal action plan and start implementing it

Pick a time and let's chat!

If you're done putting off your truest deep-down vision for what you want out of your career and life, if you're done waiting for "someday" to finally feel confident enough to use your authentic voice, to take a leap into the unknown and to follow your heart, then I'd love for you to come be part of this powerful small group coaching experience. 

You are literally only one decision away from shifting out of fear and into action. 

Let's do this!


The Truth About Confidence

Give yourself a confidence boost by tuning into my new podcast. I'll be exploring the science and art of confidence and interviewing successful women just like you who've achieved great things and also beat plenty of self-doubt along the way. 


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